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Piglet® Push-pull

A.Hak Industrial Services’ unique push-pull inspection system has the capability of inspecting airport fueling finger lines, with one of the most accurate and detailed ultrasonic analyses of the inspected pipes, available in the industry.

Push-pull systems, commonly used in combination with professional video equipment, provide a form of non-destructive internal pipeline inspection, which aids operators in assessing the general condition of their lines and identifying locations where cleaning, repair or replacement may be required.

The Push-pull Piglet® is an intelligent, versatile tool that combines the features of a tethered in-line inspection system with the advantages and agility of a standard push-pull camera inspection system. The compact, lightweight, modular design of the piglet, in combination with the pushrod’s ability to provide the required propulsion, power supply and data transfer, means a user-friendly, high performance, ultrasonic inspection of branch pipelines is possible, with all results presented online.

Since propagation of the UT inspection system through the pipeline is achieved by means of a semi-rigid pushrod, no pumping and/or fluid collecting facilities are required. Therefore, the impact of the inspection on the operational availability of the pipeline system is extremely minimal. To further minimize disruption to business activities, we are also able to offer night operations.

When combined with the highly experienced field crews at A.Hak Industrial Services, our pipeline Piglet® and Push-pull Piglet® services offer a powerful, integrated solution to validate the safety and integrity of airport fueling systems, with minimal impact on business activities.

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