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Piglet® 'Umbilical'

A.Hak’s versatile inspection platform Piglet® allows a tethered application using a fiber optic umbilical. This allows inspections of up to 29 km or 18 miles to be observed and assessed in real-time.

Since the Piglet® uses a hair-thin umbilical, the usual restrictions do not apply – the system can negotiate the most complex pipelines while maintaining a real-time connection. The number of bends and fixtures through which the system can pass is limitless.

The real-time observation of the inspection means that an immediate assessment of the inspection can be made as well as providing instant access to the inspection data. In this way, a review can be made on-site and any significant defects that could impact on the line’s production capability and safety can be reported.

The system allows configurations to cope with inherent non-piggable features like pipeline bore restrictions (dual diameter), full bore unbarred tee-pieces, mitred bends and so on. It can be configured in bi-directional mode to allow single-entry usage, all while maintaining the capability to fully inspect the pipeline’s wall and geometry.


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